LANDAUER Medical Physics


LANDAUER Medical Physics HistoryLANDAUER Medical Physics is the largest medical physics practice group in North America. Our nationwide network of more than 100 board-certified or board-eligible medical physicists and certified medical dosimetrists represents expertise in all medical imaging modalities and radiation oncology treatment technologies. Joined together, our team has the expertise to meet all of your medical physics and dosimetry challenges in every state and internationally.

LANDAUER Medical Physics was founded on a commitment to bring medical physics professionals together to generate new ideas, establish quality practice standards, and develop new products and services. The history of LANDAUER Medical Physics combines many years of professional experience to advance the safe and effective use of radiation in medicine and improve patient outcomes. Learn more about the key milestones that have contributed to our growth.

July, 2012

Global Physics Solutions (GPS) became LANDAUER Medical Physics

  • The LANDAUER Medical Physics name unified the largest medical physics practice group in North America under LANDAUER Inc., our parent company.
November, 2011

Aligning with Physics & Clinical Productivity (P&CP) in North Carolina enhanced our responsiveness to emerging client needs

  • Broadened our geographic coverage in the southeastern US and expanded access to our radiation oncology physics services and regulatory expertise.
  • Growing our network of physicists and dosimetrists enhanced our ability to respond quickly to questions or needs, and provide uninterrupted, national physics and dosimetry coverage.


July, 2011

Joining forces with ProPhysics Innovations (PPI) in North Carolina allowed us to deliver a wider range of services nationwide

  • Expanded our imaging physics services to include shielding design, radiation protection programs, online and live imaging and radiation safety training courses, and other imaging physics consulting services.
  • Extended the geographic reach of our imaging physics services to all 50 states.
April, 2011

Acquiring the diagnostic portion of Medical Physics Services (MPS) in Missouri helped us broaden our geographic coverage in imaging physics and deepen our regulatory expertise in the midwestern US.

January, 2011

Combining with Diagnostic Physics Consulting (DPC) in Florida helped us expand our geographic coverage in imaging physics and build our regulatory expertise in the southeastern US.


June, 2010

Partnering with Upstate Medical Physics (UMP) in New York brought us a comprehensive new set of capabilities

  • Expanded medical physics services to include imaging physics, establishing a single resource for all radiation oncology physics and medical imaging services.


November, 2009

GPS became a wholly owned subsidiary of LANDAUER Inc., the market leader in radiation measurement technology

  • Joining these two organizations combined experience in medical physics with expertise in radiation measurement to bring innovative new programs and quality initiatives to clients and expand the safe and effective use of radiation in healthcare.
  • Provided further investment in the medical physics profession through training, education, and residency programs.
  • Additional operational benefits included standardized and coordinated processes across practices, and a central point of contact for all medical physics needs.
December, 2008

A strategic alliance with Comprehensive Physics Services Inc. (CPSI) in Ohio made GPS the largest medical physics practice group in North America

  • Aligning these organizations introduced a nationwide team of radiation oncology physics and dosimetry professionals to complement our clients’ in-house clinical teams, and provide uninterrupted patient care and support for special projects and medical physics needs.
March, 2008

GPS was formed by joining Advanced Radiotherapy Consulting (ARC) in Indiana and Michigan with Arete Medical Physics in Michigan

  • GPS was founded as a professional home for medical physicists and dosimetrists to generate new ideas and establish quality practice standards.