Consulting for Regulatory Audits, QC & Tech Issues
Imaging Physics Services

Consulting for Regulatory
Audits, QC & Tech Issues

Partners for Every Modality, in Every State

Consulting for Regulatory Audits,
QC, and Technology Issues

“Proven to be a very valuable resource to our medical center by facilitating on-going regulatory compliance with all our radiography imaging equipment. With their team of highly skilled professionals providing comprehensive inspections and formal reports for regulatory surveys, you can feel at ease knowing it’s covered for you.”

B. Brown, Radiology Department Manager

Our medical physicists are a professional resource to support your needs with rapidly changing Imaging Physics technology, regulatory requirements, and compliance issues.

  • Experts in all imaging modalities, we provide the comprehensive solution for facilities with a diverse mix of imaging modalities
  • Regulatory consulting expertise to address questions, issues, and inspections in all 50 states
  • Responsive customer support team and network of board-certified or board-eligible medical physicists to provide the expertise you need when you need it
  • Significant experience with inspections and ability to confidentially ask questions of state regulators, FDA, CRCPD, and others on your behalf without disclosing your identity
  • Active in professional societies AAPM, ACR, IAC, and HPS

Our personnel have developed Quality Assurance (QA)QA programs for large hospitals and have helped implement initial QA/QC protocols. Our imaging physics professionalshave clinical radiology backgrounds and are experts in assessing many components in the imaging chain. We help our clients troubleshoot imaging problems and help avoid costly problems down the road.