Equipment Acceptance & Performance Testing
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Equipment Acceptance &
Performance Testing

Ensure Compliance with Responsive, Expert Support

Equipment Acceptance &
Performance Testing 

“They offer exceptional, comprehensive medical physics support, providing unparalleled service and expertise. They are dependable, professional and most importantly, they deliver on their promises.”

L. MacKenzie, Director Diagnostic Imaging

Maintain compliance with applicable state and agency safety standards and ensure medical imaging equipment is delivering image quality and radiation doses within acceptable parameters by having our qualified medical physicists conduct equipment acceptance tests and performance surveys. Image workstation displays are also monitored for proper brightness and contrast, as improperly calibrated displays can obscure subtle abnormalities.

  • Experienced team has successfully completed thousands of imaging equipment performance surveys
  • Professional expertise across all imaging modalities, including CT, nuclear medicine, mammography, MRI, radiography and fluoroscopy, and computed radiography
  • Detailed knowledge of state-by-state requirements and regulatory bodies
  • Evaluations that go beyond state regulations—providing expert consultation on quality improvement and risk management
  • Responsive and informed support for surprise inspections or technical, patient care, and regulatory questions
  • Flexible scheduling accommodates last-minute needs and changes with ease and understanding