LANDAUER Medical Physics

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Christopher T. Baird, M.S., D.A.B.M.P.
Managing Partner – Therapy

Radiation Oncology Physics

Chris Baird has an MS in medical physics from the University of Texas, Health Science Center in Houston, and served as a Graduate Research Assistant at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas. He is ABMP certified in radiation oncology physics and is responsible for the day-to-day operations of several centers. In addition to standard QA duties, Chris has personally planned hundreds of RapidArc™, IMRT, brachytherapy, stereotactic, and 3D patient treatments. He provides short-term program implementation services in RapidArc and IMRT, has commissioned more than 60 linear accelerators in the past five years, and is certified by Varian as a RapidArc commissioning services provider. Chris serves as the Residency Program Director in Radiation Therapy, and defined the facilities, support services, equipment, and educational resources required for the program. Additionally, Chris has developed a Quality Dashboard facilities use to track compliance with accreditation standards, practice quality improvement, and procedure coding.