Working Together to Improve Patient Outcomes

Expertise to Meet All Physics Challenges

We provide medical physics support to meet all of your medical imaging, radiation oncology and dosimetry needs.

  • Experts in all imaging modalities and radiation oncology treatment technologies.
  • Experience in clinical settings of all sizes and levels of complexity.
  • Accountable service with a single point of contact.
  • Standardized and coordinated process minimize inconsistencies across departments or facilities.

Nationwide Resources and Tailored Solutions

We have more board-certified and board-eligible medical physicists and dosimetrists than any other medical physics practice group.

  • Achieve treatment targets by accessing our nationwide network of more than 100 medical physicists and dosimetrists for broad expertise, best practices and unique solutions.
  • Ensure compliance with all requirements and regulations with our regional presence and local expertise.
  • Address your specific needs with tailored medical physics services.

Long-term Partners in Your Success

Our nationwide practice group ensures access to the expertise you need when you need it.

  • Felexibility to meet your schedule.
  • Quick response to last-minute requests, surprise inspections or unexpected issues.
  • A single call reaches our nationwide network, saving you time and contacting multiple sites.