Shielding Design
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Shielding Design

Accurate, Fast, and Trusted Shielding Support

Shielding Design

Our specialized team has successfully executed hundreds of radiation shielding designs. With exclusive access to grayCAD™, the most advanced medical radiation shielding analysis software available, we guarantee accurate and regulatory compliant designs in as little as 24 hours. Designs are customized for your facility, patient load, and site specific requirements.

  • Quickly and accurately determine the exact location, type, and amount of shielding required—not too much or too little
  • Shielding calculations performed for millions of points around your vault, not just a handful of survey locations
  • User-friendly reports include every detail needed to validate shielding calculations
  • Identify shielding deficiencies with customized heat maps showing expected dose rates superimposed over architectural drawings
  • Clear, concise, and compliant shielding designs are easily understood by architects and contractors
  • Beam on and post-installation shielding surveys available

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