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Medical Radiation Safety Officer Managed Services

Introducing Medical Radiation Safety Officer Managed Services

Look to LANDAUER’s Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) Support Services to take the daily management tasks from your hands and place them in ours. You can safely rely on LANDAUER to help maintain a compliant radiation safety program given today’s changing state, environmental, and Nuclear Regulatory Commission requirements.

Dosimetry Management

  • Review dose reports and provide electronic signoff
  • Manage ALARA Recap reports
  • Manage ALARA II Notifications with follow up
  • Prepare Radiation Safety Committee executive summary with remote participation by teleconference as required

Regulatory Compliance

  • Provide executive level review of policies and procedures in existing radiation protection program
  • Monitor state and/or NRC regulatory requirements and implement changes
  • Communicate with state and/or NRC regulatory agencies on behalf of the facility
  • Access LANDAUER’s highly qualified team of Certified Health Physicists, managers and technologists as it pertains to ionizing radiation
  • Prepare up to five amendments to existing radioactive material licenses or prepare new registrations each year
  • Out-of-scope: Radiopharmaceutical Therapy, Brachytherapy or External Beam Therapy

Medical RSO Training Class

  • 40 hour accredited hands-on and classroom training course covering:
    • Health Physics Basics
    • Regulations and Standards 
    • Managing Radiation Programs
    • Instrumentation
    • Dosimetry
    • Medical Imaging, NM and PET Environments
    • Radioisotope Therapy
    • Department of Transportation Regulations

Laser Safety

  • Prepare device registration
  • Review policies and procedures and implement new requirements

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